Power Supply: Political Adviser appeals for patience from Nigerians 4 years ago 4

The Political Adviser to the Delta Government, Chief Fred Majemite, has appealed to Nigerians to be patient with the Federal Government over the problem of power supply in the country.

Majemite made the appeal on Tuesday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Asaba.

He said that the rot in the power sector, prior to now, was not something that would easily be handled and wished away, adding that caution must be applied.

The political adviser also called on Nigerians to give the Federal Government the benefit of doubt on the reason for the increase in tariff on power consumption.

"Nigerians should give the Federal Government the benefit of doubt on why the tariff on power consumption was increased.

"The government has said that the new tariff would cushion the effect of the problems in the sector; I believe that what the government meant is that more funds is needed to actualise steady power supply.

"But the government cannot provide all the funds at the detriment of other sectors of the economy, so whatever is sourced from the new tariff would be used to augment whatever the government has made available,” he said.

Majemite, however faulted the metering system used by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, and said that the system was not beneficial to electricity consumers.

He explained that there was no reason for electricity bills to be given to consumers when they had not consumed any in the case of power failure and urged the Federal Government to look into the issue.

"Nigerians should pay for what they consume not otherwise, there are instances of power failure in some areas for months, yet PHCN will be giving out electricity bills for payment, this is wrong.

"I think the best option for Nigerians in this regard is the prepaid option otherwise known as Pay As You Go,” Majemite said.

The political adviser, who also spoke on the bombings and killings of innocent people in churches in some parts of the North, described the action as mindless.

He said that the incident if not nipped in the bud, as soon as possible, could degenerate and lead to sectarian or further war.

He cautioned that the killings in the North should not be allowed to snowball to other states and urged the Northern elite to take decisive action in stopping the almost escalated problem.

Majemite further appealed to those masterminding and sponsoring violence in the country to correct their mistakes with a view to moving the nation forward and sustaining democracy.

He said that in all ramifications, democracy was better than military regime, and urged all not to allow the issue of insecurity propel the military to come back. Home Page

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