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CNPP Faults Jonathan’s Promise Of A Better 2013

CNPP Faults Jonathan’s Promise Of A Better 2013

Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, CNPP, has poked the promise made by President Goodluck Jonathan in his Christmas message to Nigerians to improve on critical infrastructures in the country next year, describing the President’s promise as empty and diversionary.

The CNPP, regretted that since the advent of democracy in the country, Nigerians had become victims of incessant lies and manipulations by a PDP government that failed to deliver on all promises it made to Nigerians.

Benue State Chairman of the CNPP, Engr. Baba Agan who yesterday stated this in Makurdi, urged Nigerians to disregard the promise by the President or be prepared for another tortious year of failed promises by a government that has been overwhelmed by development challenges in the country.

According to him,  ”We have been told the same thing over and over again by successive PDP governments in this country, but what do we get, steady deterioration of all critical infrastructure in the country”.

“The truth is that the present administration in the country, like the ones before it has been overwhelmed by the development challenges confronting the country and the only option left for them is to give Nigerians false hope through lies and fallacious remarks”.

“Let’s be realistic to each other, is anything working in this country? There are security challenges, the  people cannot enjoy steady power supply even for 24 hours, most filling stations in the country are not dispensing products to motorists, our roads are in terrible condition, even the airspace is not safe anymore especially with the recent air disasters around the country, Nigerian are just suffering and smiling in a huge jungle”

“We cannot get it right as a country until the President comes full blast against corruption in high places in this country which everyone is turning a blind eye to”.

According to Agan, “Nigeria has become a huge fraud in its self but our leaders are not doing anything to stem the embarrassing situation, they only engage in rhetorics to suit a particular purpose and situation and after that it become every looter to himself where ever he finds himself and the loot is available”.

The CNPP chairman urged Nigerians to pray for peace in the country even as  he counseled that the unity of the country must be upheld by all.

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