Ask Naij:"My Boyfriend Is Married In Nigeria"

Ask Naij:"My Boyfriend Is Married In Nigeria"

Ok, I have been with my boyfriend for almost eleven years and I love him very much.

I am African American and he is Nigerian (Igbo), he inspired me to go back to school when I first met him, now I am an RN. He happens to be a doctor here in US. We have gone on many trips but none to Nigeria. I have never met anyone from his family and he has a sister that lives about 30Min away from him whom he says he is not close with.

I spend quite a bit of time at his home but he has never left me alone there nor do I have a key, he doesn't have one to my place either. About 7 years ago he told me his sisters didn't approve of our relationship and we decided to end it we both hugged and cried. I was devastated.

Three months went by and he called me telling me he loved me and missed me and didn't want to lose me. So, during this time a friend of mine told me she has seen him and another women at the post office together. About 2 weeks later he showed up at my door and we went to dinner to talk and ended up being intimate that night. That same night I noticed a ring on his finger and I asked him if he got married, he said it was a gift his sister bought him and since I have never seen it again.

Since we got back together back in 2007 he has consistently tried to get me to gave a baby, but i refuse. My daughter has often said she thinks he is married and I feel it is true, he goes home once a year for 6 weeks. I have asked him and he denies it. So, recently I was on his computer at his home and it got a virus, I told him I would take it the following day to the computer store to get it removed. I know if you look for stuff u will find it.

Well, I was on his computer and I opened up 2 files and one was a marriage certificate from the church in Nigeria (Enugu) and it was dated 2007 and the other was a passport showing his true age he is 10 years older than he told me he was. I was okay with the age, but why lie and married.

I am torn and why doesn't his wife live here? I need advice, I so love this man and he babies me and is so affectionate. Who can live a double life and what if I would have had a baby, he is not going to leave his wife. Help!!!


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