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ASK NAIJ: I Was Raped By My Brother-In-Law

ASK NAIJ: I Was Raped By My Brother-In-Law

Dear Readers and Followers, never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.  

We strongly believe in your ability to judge wisely and remain discerning. By judging and criticising the victims we're only adding to their pain, while by offering help we're powering change by letting God work through us.

ASK NAIJ: I Was Raped By My Brother-In-Law

Here's the heartbreaking confession of one of our readers:

"I have been dying in silence for the past four years because my brother-in-law forcefully had Intimate knowledge of me.

One Morning I was sick and very weak, trying to get to the bathroom, That morning when he came in as he stopped by to see how I was doing.

Immediately I excused myself to change in the bedroom, because several times he kept telling me how he is in love with me from the first day he saw me. He was then 14 years of age.

Since then I have been very cautious of him. My instinct in a way told me I should avoid him.

So that morning I felt he was up to something evil and no-one was at home.

Unfortunately for me as I opened the bedroom door he grabbed me from behind and before I could beg, he was inside me already. I then realized how truly weak I was because I could not fight him off, and every time I told him to stop he didn't listen.

I don't even know how many times I told him to stop and with the strength I had, tried to push him away...but nothing worked.

I was too weak to shout. How do I tell my man?

He will send me packing and take my kids from me and kill his brother. I know what he's capable of.

I have good days and days where all I can do is cry... and I can't begin to say how the flashbacks and nightmares have taken over.

Please, someone help me!"

Your contributions shall be most valued.

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