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Infertility: Expert warns against smoking

Infertility: Expert warns against smoking

AN expert in in-vitro fertilisation, Dr. Preye Fiebai, has said smoking could lead to infertility. Fiebai, who is a consultant gynaecologist with Bridge Clinic, Port Harcourt, said heavy smokers were at the risk of losing their fertility if they did not stop smoking.

At a health forum on infertility organised by the clinic in Port Harcourt, Fiebai also listed alcohol addiction and multiple sexual partners as some of the lifestyles that could negatively affect fertility.

“It is important to state that smoking, habitual consumption of alcohol and keeping multiple sexual partners can lead to infertility. The key to prevention of infertility is to embrace a way of life that will enhance our reproductive system,” Fiebai said.

He recommended in-vitro fertilisation as an effective solution for couples that were unable to bear children after several years of their union.

According to him, the process of in-vitro fertilization begins from outside the body of a couple and then planted back into the woman for reproduction.

The medical expert said the objective of the forum was to raise awareness on the solution to childlessness and also the prevention of infertility among men and women of child-bearing age.

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