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Man Gets Evicted After Catching Wife And Landlord Kissing

Man Gets Evicted After Catching Wife And Landlord Kissing

A trader has been caught up in a love triangle after it emerged that she was allegedly double crossing her husband with their landlord.

The issue is reported to have come to light a couple of weeks ago, when Salakuthini Mabhena was allegedly caught by her husband, Vela Mabhena, in an uncompromising position with Collen Mlangeni.

In an interview, Vela said he caught the couple at around 7pm kissing in the landlord's car.

"On the fateful day, I knocked off from work very late so I got home at around 7pm and everyone was already in the house since it was dark. When I got into the yard, I saw some people who were in the car and they were busy kissing enjoying themselves," he said.

Vela said from a distance he managed to identify Mlangeni who is the owner of the car but could not tell whom he was with.

"When I moved closer to the car I got the shock of my life after I discovered that he was in fact kissing my wife," he revealed.

Vela said instead of confronting the couple, he proceeded to his room as he was still trying to come to terms with what he had seen.

"When I got to my room, I opened the door and pretended as if I had not seen anything. When Salakuthini got into the house I never asked her anything. When she figured out that the affair had been exposed, she decided to go back to her parents' home in Makokoba. She was expecting me to immediately act on the matter but I kept quiet and this actually turned to be more of a mental torture," he said.

Vela said he summoned his relatives the next day to discuss the matter and this forced Mlangeni to give him a notice to vacate his lodgings.

"I was given a notice by Mlangeni as I had exposed him to my relatives and the residents association that had come to discuss the matter. My wife suggested that we should divorce," he said.

When our news crew spoke to the landlord, he however, denied being the cause of the fight between the couple.

"The couple might have divorced but that hs nothing to do with me," he said.

The allegedly cheating wife refused to comment when our news crew reached her for comment.

"Who told you about that issue? Please go to the person to get my comment," she fumed.

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