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Collapsed Bridge Ruins Fun Seekers' Day

Collapsed Bridge Ruins Fun Seekers' Day

There are many relaxation centres scattered all over the Federal Capital Territory. From Garki to Asokoro and Wuse to Utako, these fun spots litter Abuja’s landscape. Patrons of these spots carefully choose where to get rid of stress they might have gone through in their offices. Their choices are mainly based on their social status.

There was confusion at a popular relaxation spot, Area 8 Garden on Monday, July 7 when the narrow bridge that links the garden caved in. The time was about 8pm and activities at the garden, as usual, were in full swing.

Suddenly, news spread that a portion of the narrow bridge had caved in. Confusion enveloped the arena as people started thinking of how to remove their cars. Since the bridge is narrow, the wide hole created on it by the partial collapse made it impossible for cars to pass. So, while stranded patrons were still thinking of how to escape, the ingenuity of social miscreants called ‘area boys’ was on display.

They quickly mobilised and fetched logs of wood which they brought to the scene and placed strategically on the bridge to cover the big hole. They quickly turned the place to an emergency toll gate where they collected money before they allowed car owners to drive past. Motorists who were eager to leave the garden for fear that the bridge could still collapse were made to part with sums ranging from N100 to N500.

Those who own shops in the garden also counted their losses because patrons left at the peak of activities, thus resulting in loss of income for them. But ironically, some motorists who were not ready to terminate the fun because of the partial collapse moved their cars out of the garden, parked a few metres away from the bridge and trekked back to continue with their drinks.

Some others who were still on their way to the garden when the incident occurred were also not deterred. They parked their cars a distance away and trekked into the place. Our correspondent who was on official duty in an office located in Asokoro in the evening of the following day, however, overheard some fun seekers calling their colleagues on the telephone to confirm whether the bridge had been repaired. They all went into wild jubilation when they heard that it had been made motorable again.

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