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Chelsea star Michael Essien and Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari might have ended their amorous relationship but that does not stop them from being friends…



















Not all of us knew the beginning of what has now turned sour, the two were together for a while and after sometime they decided to call it off. With Nadia’s beauty, every man would do anything to get her. She attracts enough attention everywhere she goes. Essien on the other hand is one of the affluent young men in the world. He is well to do and plays for a rich team that has just won the UEFA Champions League.

There have been words that the Chelsea star dumped the beautiful actress, though not confirmed, events after their sharp break up left many to speculate.

TV3 Newscaster and host of Diva’s Show celebrated her birthday earlier in the week. Yesterday, she gathered some her close friends and some Ghanaian celebrities for a private party inside Villaggio Primavera.

That was a perfect time for the two lover birds to make up. But it didn’t look like, it was planned. Nadia was the first to make it to the venue. After several others had shown up, Essien and former captain of Black Stars Stephen Appiah came together.

After alcohol was put into action, the two joined the spontaneous discussions and started teasing each other. Like magnetic and metal, the two got close to each other and asked for photos to be taken of them – something that the other guests gladly supported and cheered.

As some shouted “They are back” others applauded them. The two seemed to have found a way to get closer to each other once again after their failed relationship courtesy Nana Aba’s party but as to whether they love each other, we are not sure.

When GhanaCelebrities.Com asked if they will consider a comeback, Essien said “Ask Nadia”. She didn’t say anything differently than “Ask Essien”.

What GhanaCelebrities.Com gathered is that, they would love to give it a shot again but who will come forward? Egos playing out again!

You can make your own judgements from the pictures below. Thought it was alcohol working most of the time, they were still enjoying each other’s company.


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