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I Prophesied That 20 Children Would Be Shot To Death In USA - Prophet

I Prophesied That 20 Children Would Be Shot To Death In USA - Prophet

Miracle TV, a Christian TV Channel owned by Prophet Uebert Angel, claims that On Sunday the 8th of April during a live Sunday Service Prophet Uebert Angel gave detailed Prophetic insight concerning a shooting that was going to take place at a school in America.

The TV Channel alleges that 'man of God' gave accurate detail on the location of the shooting, the age group of the shooter, the size of the weapon that was going to be used and the mental state of the shooter.

Prophet Angel is said to have accurately described the shooter as being older than the victims of this shooting as confirmed by CNN in a BREAKING NEWS REPORT which identified the killer of kindergarten kids as 20 Year old Adam Lanza.

The flamboyant and youthful prophet also went on to mention that the victims were going to be CHILDREN, CNN confirmed this prophecy by reporting that the victims of this shooting were kindergarten children.

Prophet Angel reportedly specifically pointed out how the shooting was to take place AT A SCHOOL in AMERICA. In a breaking news bulletin CNN confirmed how the shooting had taken place at Sandy Hook Elementary SCHOOL in AMERICA.

The report further claims that he also gave an accurate description of the gun likening its length to an AK47.

"Here we are not talking about a small gun like a pistol, we are talking about something of length like an AK 47 SIZE," prophet Angel was quoted saying. The gun was indeed a semiautomatic Bushmaster .223 rifle exactly the same size with an AK 47.

Prophet TB Joshua is also said to have prophesied of the same incident and his TV Channel, Emmanuel TV also published the prophecy after it came true.

Meanwhile, both Prophet TB Joshua and Prophet Angel have been attacked for 'only prophesying about death and earthly things'.

"Giving such prophecies doesn't make one a true prophet. In fact it shows us that they are earthly prophets because they only give prophecies to do with earthly things. Pharoah's sangomas could do almost anything that Moses did, so that shows us that even false prophets can do a lot. True prophets give prophecies that edify the body of Christ. All prophecies in the bible talked about Jesus. In the old testament they prophesied about his coming and in the new testament they prophesied about his resurrection and bearing witness that Christ indeed resurrected," narrated James Moyo (48), a church steward in Methodist.

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