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Man Impregnates Sister Twice, Both Now Living As Husband And Wife

Man Impregnates Sister Twice, Both Now Living As Husband And Wife

In an incestous relationship that has sent tongues wagging in Caledonia Farm, Zimbabwe, a brother and his sister are staying together as husband and wife, bearing children.

The sister, who identified herself as Milca Mazhindi (18), is currently six months pregnant with her brother's second child. The two already have a one-year-old daughter together.

Meanwhile, knives are out for the two to vacate the area they are staying and they have been given a one-week ultimatum to leave following their 'taboo' branded marriage.

Our news crew visited the 'couple' at a house they are working on,where Munyaradzi introduced Milca as his sister, to which Milca laughed. "That's what he always says to people," she said.

She confirmed the incident and revealed that she is in love with her brother-cum-husband and that she is six months pregnant of him. Milca revealed that their relationship started in 2010 resulting in the birth of their one-year-old daughter. She added that her mother was furious about the relationship till she finally left them alone.

"We met in 2010 in Buhera then the relationship started and I became pregnant. I gave birth to our first daughter. My mother and all relatives were furious about the matter but my mum later left us to live. I was the first to leave Buhera following the incident and he was called and we started staying together. Currently I'm six months pregnant and he is responsible. We have a one-year-old daughter together," she narrated.

Milca confirmed that she had received the ultimatum to vacate the area by the community heads.

"We were summoned to a meeting where we were advised that we should leave the neighbourhood. Currently I don't know where we are going to stay," she said.

Munyaradzi also confirmed the incident and gave his version of how their relationship started. He revealed that he ended up having sex with her because they used to share a single room at her aunt's place.

"We used to sleep in a single room together at my aunt's place in Tafara and this resulted in us sleeping together. My aunt was furious over the matter and reported to the police. I was taken to the station and the police later advised me to return home," he said.

He revealed that he had found a new place to stay but he was not comfortable in taking his sister-wife along.

"I have found a new place to stay whilst I will be working and she will remain here. I don't think she will come along," he said without giving reasons why he would leave his 'wife' alone.

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