The Man With 86 Wives Debunks News Of His Death 4 years ago 20

The Bida-based super polygamist, Alhaji Mohammed Bello Masaba has refuted rumours that he died in his sleep over the weekend.

“I am alive. The rumor of my death is false,” Masaba said in a telephone interview yesterday.

The rumour of the death of the octogerian super polygamist filled the area Saturday night. It was said that the husband of 86 wives had died in his sleep Saturday evening in his house in Bida.

As the rumour spread, some of his supporters rushed to his residence to confirm the news and were surprised when they met the man conducting a preaching session.

An online news outfit, further aggravated the situation yesterday when the network confirmed the purported death of the controversial cleric.

“I am not dead. I am well and I am alive. You can hear my voice. I wish you can come here to see for yourself. We have a mission and, insha Allah, we will carry out our assignment.

“We are not moved by all these rumors. It is one of the plans to distract our attention, but we are focused on the assignment Allah has given us,’’ he said.

His personal assistant, Alhaji Mutairu Salaudeen Bello, said he had been receiving calls from within and outside the country and that people had been trooping in to see their leader, who he said was in sound health. Home Page

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