Ask Naij:

Ask Naij: "Help, I Want To Cheat On My Husband"

I am so confused and didn't know where else to go with such a tough decision! I will just give you the main details and maybe you could help me out.

I have been married for almost 2 years to a perfect husband. I trust him with all my heart. He does almost everything a wife wants. We do have some difference in some areas in our marriage but other than that all is perfect. My husband and I also share 3 children together.

My husband has a good friend I will call 'Jim'. I have known Jim ever since I met my husband. About 2 years ago I started feeling an attraction towards him but never revealed it to anybody. Some time ago, we were all out together and Jim and I both had too much to drink and began to discuss this mutual attraction. After that night nothing more was ever really said.

Last weekend, we were all hanging out again and Jim and I started talking about our feelings again. Saying that maybe we should just sleep together and then maybe the whole thing would go away since we will know what it would be like, (to make matters worse, he is also married with children). We continued to joke about this throughout the night.

I am not a bad person, I have never been a cheater! We made plans for a 'date' today while my husband is at work. The more I have been running this through my head the more I realize how much is at stake.

Should I do it once and then maybe that will kill the curiosity? Or just tell Jim that we just can't do it?

I guess I know what I SHOULD do, but honestly tell me what you would do in this situation.

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