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“She Was Horny” – 16-Year-Old Boy Who Raped A Sleeping Mother

“She Was Horny” – 16-Year-Old Boy Who Raped A Sleeping Mother

The pizza delivery boy accused of raping a woman who was sleeping next to her child claims his victim was “horny,” according to a confession filed for his indictment.

Cesar Lucas, the 16-year-old charged with creeping into the woman’s unlocked apartment and attacking her, also told police that the victim was drunk.

Lucas told police that after he made his delivery on Sept. 29, he went slinking around the high-rise building checking doorknobs, as police said he had months earlier when he was busted for burglary in the building.

In a two-page, barely literate, chicken-scrawl confession in which he at times refers to himself in the third person, the Bronx high school student said that he was overcome “in away he never had felted before.”

When he finally found an open apartment, he describes slithering inside and finding the woman and her 7-year-old daughter asleep in bed.

“So he approaches her with this type of feelings that he just never had felt before, which lead him to do things he would never think to do in his life,” the confession read.

“She also started to feel horny” during the attack, he claims.

The victim, in an interview with the Daily News shortly after the attack, said that he put his hand over her mouth as he sexually assaulted her.

“It took him about 30 seconds. I said, ‘Get off of me,’ and I pushed him, she told The News. “He said ‘I’m sorry,’ and ran out.”

In Lucas’s version, he writes that the two had a short chat afterward.

“So then Cesar starts having a short talk with the girl because she was completely drunk she could barely talk correctly,” according to his statement.

“I was really pretty scared because she was drunk and kind of took advantage of her,” he said.

Lucas, wearing a short-sleeved orange prison jumpsuit, nodded to his aunt as he entered the courtroom on Thursday for his arraignment on rape, endangering a minor and burglary charges.

He pleaded not guilty, but prosecutors hinted that in addition to the written confession, they have a mountain of evidence against him.

In addition to DNA evidence, fingerprints and corroborating medical records from the victim, prosecutor Shawn McMahon said that there are also extensive video and audio recordings of his confession.

The victim has filed a lawsuit against Lucas, Sal’s Pizza – the Hells Kitchen restaurant where he worked — and the management company of her doorman building.

“My client was fast asleep. My client woke up in the middle of a dead sleep,” said Marc Albert, the lawyer for the victim.

He called the content of Lucas’ confession “beyond the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. It’s the most ludicrous and obnoxious thing that I’ve ever heard.”

Lucas’s lawyer, Gary Villanueva, said his client is “very much a 16-year-old,” but declined to comment further.

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