VIDEO: Real Madrid:

VIDEO: Real Madrid: "Channel Compares Our Players With Hyenas, Club Will Sue"

Catalan TV channel TV3 has broadcast a controversial video in which Real Madrid players are compared to hyenas.

The piece intercalates video images of hyenas hunting and Real Madrid players doing tackles on Lionel Messi, accompanied by a narration describing how these animals hunt.

According to Spanish website El Confidencial, Real Madrid will take legal action against TV3 for showing this video which compares the club’s players with hyenas trying to hunt Lionel Messi.

The intention of the video is to put players like Pepe or Arbeloa as predators in search of a prey which in this case is the ‘Blaugrana’ star.

The controversy caused by the friction between Arbeloa and Messi in the first leg match of the Copa del Rey followed by the alleged words of Argentina against Aitor Karanka, could be now fueled by the broadcast of this video which could create and even rougher environment for the second leg to be played on February 26th.

El Confidencial also says that TV3 will apologize but the ‘Merengue’ club has decided to take legal action because it tarnishes the good name of the institution and its players.


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