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Igando Massacre: Suspect Threatening To Kill Me Too – Sandra’s In-Law

Igando Massacre: Suspect Threatening To Kill Me Too – Sandra’s In-Law

The husband of late Praise, one of the eight people allegedly killed by one Henry Chibueze, in Igando area of Lagos last week, Mr Henry Ekene Ozor, has raised an alarm that the wanted gunman has threatened his life and those of his surviving children.

Praise was eight months pregnant when she was murdered.

But Sandra’s twin sister, Katherine Ijedinma, although she was also shot, survived.

Another set of Sandra’s relations including Mrs Ngozi Odia, Sandra’s elder sister and her three children were also wiped out.

In the latest development, Praise’s husband, Ozor, who said he was not at home during the incident, yesterday, begged for police protection as his life is at stake. He pleaded that government should come to his aid and that of his family as Chibueze sent a text to him on Monday through the late Sandra’s phone which he took away after killing her.

The text message, according to him, read: “Henrri if U don’t want to pic my call eni place u like run enter I wil get U.”

The deceased’s husband, who was crying during a visit to the mortuary where the corpses of his wife, daughter, elder sister of the wife and her three children and Sandra, are kept, said his life was at risk.

Ozor said the late Sandra was an optician with Madonna University, who met Chibueze about three to four months ago, brought him to his place and introduced him as her lover.

According to him, when Sandra discovered that he was a kidnapper, she said she was no longer interested in the relationship, which led to his killing her and some members of her family.

He said Chibueze had earlier asked Sandra to resign from her job but the parents refused..

Henry Chibueze, is said to be a native of Imo State.

Since the incident, Ozor said he had not been able to eat any food.

He described the whole incident as terrible, saying he had never seen anything like that in his life.

He said: “ Thank God I wasn’t at home because if I was there I won’t be here today telling the story. When the incident occurred, they said my late wife tried to run away but this man pursued her and shot thrice at her.

“I have been trying to transfer the corpses, but it is not easy. I don’t know how I manage to do all the work that I do, going from one ward to the other to attend to them and to other places. It is only by God’s strength.”

He added that since the incident occurred he had not been able to break the news to his in-laws but that they are being guarded by the police in Agbor in Delta State.

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