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Taxi Driver Stabs Lover 4 Times, Then Beheads Her

Taxi Driver Stabs Lover 4 Times, Then Beheads Her

A taxi driver is reportedly on the run after he allegedly murdered his former wife in cold blood at his Waterfalls lodgings on Saturday night.

This was two weeks after he reportedly stabbed her four times on her back.

Tinaye Chizana is said to have abandoned the body of his former lover, Patience Kajawo (29) who was a trader at Gulf Complex, in his house before disappearing and dumping the taxi. The two were seperated.

Tinaye reportedly was suspecting that the mother of his child was having extra-marital affairs and allegedly forced her into his taxi before driving her to his home where the said incident occurred.

"The body was discovered the following day with a deep cut on the troat, in a pool of blood and covered with a blanket."

A close source said the couple's relationship had not been smooth, which saw Patience leaving Tinaye. The source revealed that two weeks ago, Tinaye allegedly ambushed Patience in the company of friends and allegedly stabbed her four times on her back on suspicion of infidelity.

The incident is said to have been reported at Dzivarasekwa Police where it was reportedly treated as an assault case and Tinaye was allegedly made to pay US$50 fine and for medical bills for the late Patience after which the matter was never heard before the courts. Reports say Patience was stitched eight times on her back.

"He stabbed her four times on the back and she had eight stitches. The matter was reported at Dzivarasekwa police station and was treated as an assault case, which to us was a clear case of attempted murder and he was made to pay a fine of US$280. His employer paid the money on his behalf, and the other $230 for medical bills," narrated the source.

Further claims are that on the day in question, Tinaye visited Patience at her workplace and allegedly forced her into his vehicle before driving her to his house. The source revealed that the two were heard quarrelling but because of the rain and their record of disputes, no one could intervene.

The body was reportedly, deformed on the private parts as if an acidic substance was applied, claimed the source and that her blood stained clothes were dumped near a septic tank.

Meanwhile, relatives of the deceased are reportedly gathered in Cranborne and a family relative revealed that Patience's body will be driven to Chivhu for burial today.

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