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Are You Truly Stylish Or Simply Trendy?

Are You Truly Stylish Or Simply Trendy?

You wear the latest clothes and have a wardrobe filled with fashion pieces that most people can only dream about.

Are You Truly Stylish Or Simply Trendy?

You are complimented on how up-to-date you are on all things fashion and, dressing up is what you believe you know best.  But have you ever wondered if you are truly stylish or simply trending?

Gone are the days when some degree of personality could be deduced from a person’s style.  We are in an era where anything goes  and style is wrongly adjudged by the ability to blend in with the current “trend”.

Style is uncomplicated, timeless and not dependent on trends.  True style should be equivalent to culture i.e. a way of life and solely depend on you. Your style should embody all you believe in and all that defines you.

The truth is,  there is no ‘must-follow’ trend.  Have you ever“why is everything recycled?”  Why do all the 1920’s, 1960’s and the likes come back?  Did you know the empire-waist cut is as old as 1800?  Surprised?  Don’t be.  A trend is only a word embodying just what it means; “in vogue, the latest, at the moment” and nothing more.  So, what happens when all the clothes in your wardrobe are not trendy, in vogue, the latest or at the moment?  You revamp your entire wardrobe because you can afford it?  Indeed!  So how do you determine if you’re truly stylish or simply trendy?

Stylish or Trending:

While trendy could be really appealing, the secret is knowing how to make it work, not just for you but for that style which defines you. Like everything in life,  your style and fashion choices should not be an imitation of someone else’s style, tastes, or imagination.  If you wear a fashion piece because it is in trend and others are doing likewise, then it simple implies you have no in-depth knowledge of yourself.

There are really no strict rules to building your own style other than making it your own and an expression of you inside out.  Your style should start from an understanding of who you are and accepting it without prejudice.  Where someone else’s style inspires you, rather than totally imitating their style as a whole, view it only as a foundation on which you build your own personal style that will work for your style needs and your lifestyle.

Until you realize that what all the brands in fashion want to do is to sell, sell and sell more, you will keep being a victim of trends with no true style that defines you.

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