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Robbery victim bleeds to death for want of help

Robbery victim bleeds to death for want of help

Robbery victim bleeds to death for want of help

It was a sad end for Bayo Ogunbamwo, a commercial motorcycle operator in the Somolu area of Lagos, penultimate Friday.  On that day, he had ferried a passenger to the Alakara area of Mushin. But on his way home after dropping off the passenger, he was brutally attacked by suspected armed robbers.

The okada operator was attacked at Ojuwoye by criminals, who dealt him several blows on the head and body with machetes and robbed him of his cash and motorcycle.

CRIME DIGEST gathered that despite  Ogunbamwo’s cries for help, none was forthcoming from the residents of the area known as a notorious enclave of hoodlums. Wounded and in great pain, he had managed to find his way to the Olosan Police Station in Mushin to report the attack. Unfortunately, the policemen on duty thought he was a lunatic and chased him away.

Ogunbamwo  was said to have wandered around aimlessly for awhile, begging for help from residents and other persons, who he came across on the street, but because everyone probably thought he was a robber, they were afraid to attend to him.

A friend of the motorcyclist known as Abbey said the deceased might have bled to death. He said, “I have known Ogunbamwo for a while. I had given out my motorcycles to him on many occasions. He was last seen by some of the okada riders at Somolu at about 9.30 pm that Friday. At the time, he was heading for the Alakara area of Mushin with a passenger.

“When I didn’t see him the next morning, I had to send some people to Mushin to look for him. The search party discovered his lifeless body at Olorunsogo Bus Stop. Then some of the residents who were in the area at the time he died said he told them his name and what had happened to him.

“It was already too late at the time to help him because he was already drenched in his own blood. This was at about 12 am on Saturday morning. That was when he died. I even learned that at a point during his wandering, some residents drove him away for fear that he was a robber. If only the police at Olosan had responded promptly, he would have lived.”

The late okada operator was eventually buried on Sunday according to Islamic rites in Ijebu Ode, his home town.

When CRIME DIGEST contacted the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, a deputy superintendent of police, she said, “There is no confirmed report of this incident. Once I have the details, I will be able to speak on the case.”

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