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Man Imitates Friend's Voice To Rape His Girlfriend

Man Imitates Friend's Voice To Rape His Girlfriend

A man allegedly raped his friend's lover after sneaking into her blankets in the middle of the night after imitating his friend's voice and usual jokes.

That was after his friend whom he had offered for accommodation together with his girlfriend at his place of residence visited the toilet.

Circumstances are that the alleged rapist, name withheld to protect the victim, on 27 October proceeded to Jokes and Saddle night spot with the complainant and her boyfriend. It is reported that after a short stint at the drinking spot they left for another one in the city centre.

When they arrived, it is reported that the alleged sexual predator remained seated in the car and later followed the pair into the bar instructing them that they should go home. It is alleged the trio proceeded to the man's place of residence in Famona where upon arrival he offered the pair his spare bedroom.

Around midnight, the complainant is reported to have woken up saying she was afraid of the darkness and in the process her boyfriend also woke up to visit the toilet.

It seems the now accused who was in his bedroom following proceedings in the spare bedroom rushed to the spare bedroom after realising that his friend had visited the toilet.

It is reported that when the man opened the door, the complainant thought it was her boyfriend and the former immediately joined her in bed holding her hands While imitating his friend's voice and jokes.

The victim thinking that it was her boyfriend, told the sexual poacher that she was tired but the later had none of it as he was reportedly kissing her whispering saying, "everything will be alright dear."

It is further alleged that he allegedly raped her once and returned to his bedroom.

The complainant who claimed that after the sexual abuse she felt burning sensations when urinating, reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of the man.

For the offence the accused was brought before Bulawayo magistrate Mrs Learnmore Mapiye.

He was being charged with rape as defined in section 65 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23. He was not formally Charged and the matter I was remanded to 17 December at Regional Court C and the accused is out of custody on $50 bail.

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