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Ask Naij:

Ask Naij: "My Breasts Are Too Big"

I'm 14-years-old, 160cm, 50kg. My breasts are growing at tremendous rate and I am still wearing my previous bra 32D, which is so tight.

My back hurts, shoulders are in pain as the straps are pressing against it. I am unsure of my breast size now but I am very sure that its going to be very big. My friends tease me even my closest friends. I always wear large uniform and shirts so that it is not that obvious.

I have measured my size and here are the measurements:

Under bust: 28 inch (71cm)

Bust: 40.1 inch (102cm)

Can anyone tell me my size so that I could find a proper bra? I also appreciate if someone give me tips on how I can cover my huge breasts.

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