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Kaduna residents running out of supplies

Kaduna residents running out of supplies

Kaduna residents are asking the government to restore calm in the city after Sunday’s bombing and reprisals led to the imposition of a 24-hour curfew.

Many residents of the violence-prone city, who spoke to our correspondent on the telephone on Thursday said they were running out of essential commodities such as food, fuel and recharge cards.

Mr. James Dauda, a resident of Tirkania area,  said he and his family of three had exhausted the food left in their house.

He said, “My brother, it is a very serious situation. None of us can step out of the house because of the curfew, even if you can, you cannot get to any bank to get money, for those who even have money no food to buy.”

Mrs. Antonia Audu, a housewife was trapped in Angwan Television area.

She said, “If you have money you can buy food here but it’s expensive.

“A loaf of bread, which was about N200 is now N500, when you see it. A cup of rice also costs twice what it used to be.

“To make phone calls, we rely on friends and family members outside Kaduna to send us recharge cards.

“We still have light to charge phones here but people in other areas rely on generators.” 

A journalist with a national daily who pleaded anonymity for fear of bringing his medium to disrepute, expressed his frustration when he said he felt abandoned.

He said, “My company has not sent any help, not even a recharge card but they expect stories every day.

“I have exhausted the one I have. And because there is no light, I use a generator; I can’t buy fuel.

“The Internet subscription on my personal modem has expired and there is no cyber café, it’s terrible.”

Meanwhile, heavy military and police presence is reported in many parts of the city.

Fears of renewed fighting to a large extent contributed to making most residents remain indoors but for families who earn their living on a daily basis, their situation is better imagined.

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