Accidents Claim 124 Lives In Lagos

Accidents Claim 124 Lives In Lagos

Accidents have claimed 124 lives on roads in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria in the last 10 months, according to records obtained from the Lagos State Government.

The records obtained from the state government’s agency, the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA on Wednesday revealed that 619 accidents involving 1,204 vehicles with 124 people killed occurred on Lagos roads between January and October, 2012.

While 633 commercial and 571 private vehicles were involved in the accidents, 80 male and 44 female lost their lives in the ghastly motor accidents.

The records showed that 481 persons were injured in the accidents. These include 309 male and 172 female.

Out of the 619 road accidents recorded, 94 of them were fatal, 159 serious and 366 minor accidents.

A breakdown of the accidents showed that 18 were recorded in January with 26 commercial and 12 private vehicles involved while 10 people were injured but no loss of lives.

The situation was different in February as 81 accident scenes were recorded involving 82 commercial and 71 private vehicles, with 11 persons, seven male and four female losing their lives and 37 people injured.

In March, the accidents rate dropped as 41 accident scenes were recorded, involving 43 commercial and 34 private vehicles, but the number of death rose to 22 involving 12 male and 10 female while 44 people were injured.

Accident rate dropped in April, with 29 scenes recorded, involving 38 commercial and 25 private vehicles, with mortality rate standing at seven and the number of injured at 21.

In May, 55 accidents were recorded, involving 58 commercial and 38 private vehicles, leading to the demise of six people, with 46 people injured.

The government’s record also showed that 60 accidents were recorded in June, involving 77 commercial and 59 private vehicles, with 10 people involved, seven male and three female losing their lives and 48 people injured.The record also showed that 81 accidents occurred in July, involving 69 commercial and 72 private vehicles, with 17 people losing their lives while 58 people were injured.

In August, the record revealed that 71 accidents were recorded involving 56 commercial and 86 private vehicles with 13 people,11 male and two female losing their lives and 99 people injured.

The statistics revealed that there were more accidents and death in the ‘ember’ months as the accident rate rose astronomically to 90 in September involving 97 commercial and 77 private vehicles, claiming 17 lives with 45 people injured.

The accident rate rose further to 93 in October, with 87 commercial and 97 private vehicles involved, claiming 21 lives and 73 people injured.

The statistics revealed that commercial vehicles were more reckless on roads, thus recording 633 accidents in the last 10 months as against the 571 recorded by private vehicles. 


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