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85-Year-Old Man Arrested For Defiling A 12-Year-Old Girl

85-Year-Old Man Arrested For Defiling A 12-Year-Old Girl

Pa Samuel Oladipupo has been arrested by the men of Ekiti State Police Command for allegedly defiling a 12 year old girl.

The 85-year-old suspect, however, confessed to have made an attempt to make love with the girl, but denied ever having carnal knowledge of the Junior Secondary School girl.

The suspect who allegedly committed the crime last Sunday at his No. 9 Barrack Road, Ado Ekiti is now being detained at the police headquarters while he claimed that the junior secondary school girl had seduced him into making love with her.

Father of the girl, Mr. Ojo Ajijola, however, countered the claim of the suspect.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Victor Babayemi Olu said the victim had been taken to Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti, where series of tests were conducted on her to ascertain whether she was actually raped or not.

Speaking under interrogation, Pa Oladipupo said he had sent Esther to buy recharge card at a nearby phone booth on that fateful day and allowed her to go home after she helped him to load it.

“To let you know that I never intended to commit the crime, after she had helped me load the recharge card on my phone right in my house, I allowed her to go without making any overture.

“But later, Esther resurfaced and came to tell me that she was famished and ask me what kind of food I had at home. I told her I only had bread and stew and she followed me inside and ate the food.

“After she finished with the food, she rested on the chair and then pulled off her clothes and told me to examine her pubic hairs. Later, she told me to examine her boobs and asked me why the two breasts were not the same, but I told her that it was natural to be so.

“As a man, I began to lose control. I then pushed her onto the bed and climbed on her.

But as I was about inserting my penis into her vagina, I quickly remembered that this might be a plan to frame me and I quickly stood up, so I didn’t enter her”, Pa Oladipupo explained.

The girl however denied ever seducing the old man. She said that the man first accused her of stealing his phone, but when he found it in his house, he began fondling with her.

“I had earlier helped him to buy a recharge card, and he later accused me of stealing his phone,” she said.

Pending the release of test results from the hospital, Pa Oladipupo is to remain in custody.

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