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Britain Bans Nigerian Islamist Group Ansaru

Britain Bans Nigerian Islamist Group Ansaru

London, UK – On Thursday, Britain banned a Nigeria-based Islamist group Ansaru, saying it was aligned with al Qaeda. The minister said the oulawed organisation was probably responsible for the killing of a Briton and an Italian.

Britain Bans Nigerian Islamist Group Ansaru


Britain’s interior ministry described the group – Ansaru – as a “Nigeria-based terrorist organisation motivated by an anti-Nigerian government and anti-Western agenda”.

The two men Britain believes the group murdered were Chris McManus, a Briton, and Franco Lamolinara, an Italian.

They were kidnapped in May last year near Nigeria’s northwestern borders with Niger and Benin and their captors killed them during a British-Nigerian rescue mission in March this year.

“An order has been approved today by parliament which will proscribe Ansaru from midnight on Thursday evening, making membership of, and support for, the organisation a criminal offence,” the interior ministry said in a statement.

It declined to say whether the group was connected to the deaths of McManus and Lamolinara.

However, the minister of state for immigration told parliament the group was probably responsible.

“It is believed to be responsible for the murders of British national, Christopher McManus, and his Italian co-worker Franco Lamolinara, in March 2012,” he said.

At the time of their deaths, an official at Nigeria’s State Security Service said the captors belonged to a faction of Islamist sect Boko Haram, which has targeted Nigerian security and government officials as well as churches and mosques.

A purported spokesman for the group denied any part in the kidnappings at the time.

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