Boyfriend Beats Lover To Death Because She Refuses To Have A Threesome

Boyfriend Beats Lover To Death Because She Refuses To Have A Threesome

A jealous and controlling boyfriend brutally battered his partner to death just days after she refused to have a sexual threesome with him and a male friend, a court heard today.

Tuanjai Sprengel, 43, was stabbed with a kitchen knife by Muhammad Shafi then had her skull shattered with a pair of metal shears, which caused brain damage.

Her body was then dumped in an underpass near her home in Berkshire.

She also suffered a number of broken fingers, caused as the victim tried to defend herself from the brutal blows which rained down on her head.

Jurors were told how Shafi was accused of killing her by smashing her over the head with the pair of metal tinsnips.

Days before her tragic death, Tuk, as she was known, confided in a pal that Shafi had asked her to have a threesome with him and that he had become enraged when she refused.

She had told her friend that one of Shafi’s male friends was staying with the couple and that Shafi had wanted the man to sleep in their bedroom.

Alan Blake, prosecuting, said: 'Shafi had suggested that he and Tuk should have sex and the friend should join in.

'She refused and the defendant became angry.' But Shafi’s male friend told police that although he had slept in their bedroom, he had not shared their bed and there had been no suggestion of a threesome.

Shafi, 28, had married his Thai girlfriend in an Islamic marriage in December last year, the jury at Reading Crown Court was told. They had sought to register the marriage under UK law in February but it had to be cancelled after the victim’s documents relating to the divorce of her German husband were not in order.

Shafi was on a student visa from Islamabad in Pakistan and ran a business placing students onto UK training courses. 

He was granted an extension to stay on the grounds of the couple's serious relationship. While Ms Sprengel had told friends and family that the pair 'loved each other', her cousin Jurairat Buncherd became concerned that it was a 'marriage of convenience', allowing Shafi to remain in the country.

The jury of eight women and four men were told that Shafi murdered Tuk and tried to cover his tracks. Mr Blake told the hearing: 'The prosecution allege that this defendant - Muhammad Shafi - who is 28 years old, murdered his partner, Tuanjai Sprengel, aged 43 years, in an underpass in Bracknell in the early hours of May 27 this year.

'He stabbed her in the neck with a kitchen knife but it was not that injury that led to her death.

'The fatal injuries were caused when the defendant repeatedly bashed her over the back of the head with a pair of metal tin snips.

'That caused multiple skull fractures and brain damage.

'Her fingers were bruised and fractured as she protected her head from the blows. 'He left her in that underpass and returned towards their home address.

'He disposed of the knife and the metal tin snips in shrubbery near their house. He changed out of his bloodstained clothing and put it in a rucksack,' added the prosecutor.

'Later that morning he took that rucksack to a nearby house where he tried to persuade the people there to take possession of it.

'But they refused and he himself then took the bag himself and disposed of it.'

The jury heard how he arrived at his friend Idress Haider's home early on Sunday morning and told him 'I've done a very bad thing' before later confessing that he had 'hit or killed his wife'.

Mr Haider told police that when he asked Shafi 'is she dead?' he replied 'she must be dead by now, when I left she was gasping'.

The jury heard that police traced the victim to her rented property where they found the defendant. He was later arrested but answered 'no comment' in interview with detectives.


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