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Prostitutes Hold Married Christian Man To Ransom After Refusing To Pay For Services Rendered

Prostitutes Hold Married Christian Man To Ransom After Refusing To Pay For Services Rendered

The man, who claims to be a devout Christian, was celebrating his birthday and hooked up with his nephew before hiring prostitutes for the night at a local lodge at around 10.30om to help him celebrate.

It appears he wanted to spice up his sex life and add variety, especially on his birthday. He allegedly drove to a business centre where they danced the night to beer before taking turns and having sex in the man's white Chevrolet registration number ACR 0988.

Two self-confessed hookers identified as Pamela and Bridget were fuming demanding their dues of US$60 in Eastlea when our news crew arrived.

I slept with him in the car and I refused to have a second round with him because he was not saying anything about money. He was driving with one hand, and fondling my body with the other hand, saying, my beautiful sweet mummy, said Bridget.

The man who admitted to picking up the ladies at their 'hunting ground' denied ever sleeping with the ladies. He could not name either of the girls and they could not name him too. The ladies however justified this scenario and said names were not necessary in their industry.

He tried to pull the old fashioned and of threatening the news crew with the name of the President's Office, before withdrawing after being advised of the implications of using such a name. "My friend this is just a ploy to tarnish my name and image and destroying my marriage. My friend I'm not a bi*ch. I'm a Christian and I know my wife will stand by me. She is out for a holiday.

Yesterday (Monday) was my birthday and I hooked up with with my nephew. We had to drive to Domboshava and along the way, my nephews who were drinking stopped me at their base and picked these ladies. I never slept with anyone and I'm not going to give anyone money.

I never touched her, God is there," he said before Pamela interjected.

The man reportedly drove to the lodge with the ladies to negotiate with their 'boss' where he allegedly wanted to leave his business card, presumably to negotiate a payment plan. Pamela said when they first met these 'clients, they had faith in the man and his colleagues, judging by the car he was driving and their ages.

"I did not suspect that they would treat us bad like this. They had a nice car and they appeared mature. I slept with his nephew in the car who then disappeared. He drove us back but we could not get out of his car and he took us to where he stays and we slept in his car at a car park and he went to his house," she said.

The man confirmed taking the ladies to his home and that they slept in the car. He added that as a Christian he could  not abandon them at night and gave them U.S $3 for food.

"I could not not dump them because I'm a Christian and I gave them money after they begged me.

Our news crew learnt yesterday that the two Sexual Pleasure Engineers finally received payment of U.S $80 for the sex service they rendered.

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