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11-Year-Old Girl Confesses To Satanism, Reveals 3 Houses Where Meetings Are Conducted

11-Year-Old Girl Confesses To Satanism, Reveals 3 Houses Where Meetings Are Conducted

Another 11-year-old girl from Cowdry Park is reported to have taken the members of the residents association around the neighbourhood showing them some of the houses from which they used to conduct their satanist rituals.

The incident is reported to have occurred sometime last week in a section that is known as DRC as it is mainly occupied by members of the Zimbabwe National Army who were part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) peace keeping mission.

A highly placed source that spoke to our news crew last week alleged that another young girl (name withheld) is reported to have CONFESSED that she was part of the Satanist cult that has infiltrated into the suburb.

"As residents we were taken by the young girl around the suburb being shown some of the houses that she claimed were being used in conducting the Satanist rituals," said the source.

Reliable information in our possession reveals that the young girl identified three house in the suburb that were being used by Satanists.

"When the young girl took us around the suburb, she was sort of possessed and in the process she identified the houses and told us different rituals that are held in those houses," added the source.

The source alleged that the young girl openly told them that the Satanist cult was targeting children of school-going age.

"We were surprised when the young girl told us that their masters were on a soul winning mission and they were targeting the school-going age groups. She added that they were using different methods in winning these children and some of the methods they were using included dropping sweets, books and some other nice looking things," said the source.

It is reported that the young girl also told the residents that they were being trained to kill for them to be more powerful.

"A lot of people never understood that Satanism issue but soon after that confession a lot of people are now aware and many residents are now living in fear. Right now we are even afraid of our own children as we are not sure maybe they are part of the cult," added the source.

When reached for comment, the mother of the young girl confirmed the incident and said residents were still trying to come to terms with the confession.

"We actually accompanied my daughter as she went around the suburb showing us the houses where they conduct their Satanist rituals. As a parent I am really shocked with what is happening to my daughter," the visibly traumatised woman said.

Councillor for Ward 28, Collet Ndlovu, said his office has not yet received the report from the responsible authorities of that area.

"I have not yet received anything from the responsible authorities of the are but I will have to investigate to find out what is really going on in that area," he said.

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