Ask Naij:

Ask Naij: "I Am A Married Man Addicted To Sleeping With Prostitutes"

I’m cheating on my lovely wife with a string of women I meet online. I think I’ve become addicted.

I’m 34 and my wife’s 32. We’ve been married for six years and have three young children. She’s the best wife any man could have but I was intrigued when a work colleague told me about a website where you can find no-strings sex. I had to take a look.

Things hadn’t been going so well at home and I had my first meeting with a woman from this site out of anger at my wife. We’d had a big argument and I decided that this would be my way of showing her.

I met the woman at a local hotel. She tried to make me feel good and I enjoyed the sex, though I did get the feeling she was only there for the money.

I must admit I did feel guilty afterwards – but not guilty enough. Now it’s a regular part of my life – I tell my wife we’ve got a lot to do at work.

The women are all very different which makes it exciting. I must have paid for dozens of sexual encounters and I’m on the site every day. I think I’ve become a sex addict.

I know I am cheating on my wife and kids and would desperately like to stop. I just don’t know how to. It has got so bad that I am not totally sure that I’m physically attracted to my wife any longer.

This wasn’t the reason I started cheating, but this is how it has affected me. Now I prefer to be on my own than to spend time with her.

Please help me.

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