We Battled With His Sickness For Weeks – Lam's Son

We Battled With His Sickness For Weeks – Lam's Son

Dapo, one of the sons of former Governor Lam Adesina, who is Commissioner for Sports in Oyo State, spoke on the death of his father....

We Battled With His Sickness For Weeks – Lam's Son

How will you describe your father and what does his death mean to you and family members?

My father meant different things to different people. But for me, he was a statesman and an epitome of excellence. He was also a great leader, he lived well. His death marked the end of a chapter and the beginning of another.

Some are of the view that his death will have serious implications on the ACN in the state, do you share this view?

Many people are already saying his death would affect the stability and prospect of ACN in the state. But I want to say that my father’s death cannot affect the fortunes of the ACN in Oyo. Obviously, it won’t affect the party because we have reliable people who can take good charge of the party. For instance, Governor Abiola Ajimobi is very capable and we have other strong party members who are capable as well. I can assure you that his exit would mean no problem for the ACN in the state.

But you will agree that he has left a vacuum?

Yes, as a party and as family we are going to miss him. It is a great loss to us all. It was a great shock but we are thankful to God for a life well spent. We are also consoled that at his demise we have one of his sons as the current governor of Oyo State.

But some hold the notion that there will be pressure on the present administration as a result of his exit?

He was truly a rallying point but his death cannot upset the sanity and focus of the party. When we get to the bridge, we shall definitely cross it. The ACN in Oyo State and Nigeria is one and we shall remain one indivisible entity. I can assure you there is no cause for alarm. There could be trying times but we shall definitely get over it.

What was the nature of his ailment and how long was he sick before his death?

He had been sick for a while and was admitted for some time at the University College Hospital. We had been battling with the sickness for some weeks now. You were all aware then. But we thank God finally he had gone to rest. We thank God for his life and we want to say for the rest of us the struggles of life continue.

What will you, as a person and the entire family members, remember him for?

He was a great father and a political mentor. He might have his own shortcomings but he lived well. He was a caring and great teacher. But he was not particularly biased against any member of his family.

What do you have to say in the event of your father’s death?

My advice is for us all in Oyo State to support the current administration in the state so as to move the state forward. Enough of political witch- hunting. For a change to take place a lot of sacrifices should be made. My father’s wish was for all to support this administration to move the state forward. I want this to continue even after his death.

How do you feel about his entire life and circumstances surrounding his death?

Naturally every member of the family is feeling the pain of his death. But that is how God wants it; we are more resolute in our faith as well as in ensuring that his dream of good life for common man for which he lived and struggled did not fail.

Source: Naij.com

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