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Pot belly tussle: Kimono replies Majek

Pot belly tussle: Kimono replies Majek

Renowned reggae artiste, Ukeleke Umwubuya, aka Ras Kimono, has replied to a comment about his physique credited to one of his reggae music contemporaries.

Majekodunmi Fasheke, popularly known as Majek Fashek, was alleged to have said that Kimono’s pot belly was unbecoming of a reggae artiste.

“Well, I would not waste more than seven words over the matter. He is into alcohol, Kimono told LIFE&BEAT, laughing period.”

But Majek said, “Don’t get me wrong. He (Kimono) is my brother, who has benefited from me. Really, I don’t know any dreadlock reggae artiste before or after Bob Marley or any in recent history that is as fat and carries a pot belly like Kimono.”

No one may be certain about what initiated the mudslinging between the two respected reggae music icons.

However, an industry source stated that it was because of a long standing malice that dated back to the late 90s.

It reportedly happened back then in the United States when one of the protagonists used his ‘strange bad role characters’ to prevent an international recording deal of the other from seeing the light of day. 

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