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My parents are Nigerians, so  I am a Nigerian by nationality. However, I was born and grew up in the United States. I am presently in Australia though, because I school here. I have a very big problem and I need advice, but I will try to make is as short as possible.
I have a boyfriend and we have been together since my high school. I am a christian and I don’t believe in premarital sex. Also my parents are pastors. I had kept to this rule for the 20 years of my life. Unfortunately, sometime earlier this year, some unforeseen things happened and my boyfriend and I slept together.
My parents always use me as an example to our family friends and they always talk about how they are so proud of the fact that I am keeping myself for marriage. Anyways, the unfortunate thing wasn’t just that we had sex, but I also got pregnant. Abortion is not an option for me because I am strongly against it, but my friend here has a suggestion for me. She says I should keep the baby, give birth to it and take it to an orphanage home here in Australia before I go back home.
This sounds like a perfect plan because I don’t plan on going home anytime soon. So by the time I go home, nobody will know what happened. Do you think I should do what she advises and go back home pretending like nothing happened? Or should I tell my parents and carry the baby back home? Facing the embarrassment, ridicule and scorn from family friends, church members and people who look up to my parents?
On the other hand, my boyfriend thinks I should keep the baby but that whatever happens, I shouldn’t say he is responsible. Please advise me because I am seriously considering dropping the baby in the orphanage. Home Page

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