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Horror As 56-Year-Old Man Gives Lift To A Ghost At 11pm

Horror As 56-Year-Old Man Gives Lift To A Ghost At 11pm

Horror As 56-Year-Old Man Gives Lift To A Ghost At 11pm

A prominent miner Tinashe Ticharwa (56) got the shock of his life after he recently mistook a ghost for a human being and gave the spook a ride from Shurugwi to Gweru.

Ticharwa, popularly known in the mining town of Shurugwi as Mr Tich, had played the Good Samaritan role after the ghost stopped him along the Shurugwi-Gweru Highway and gave it a ride.

Narrating his ordeal to our news crew, Mr Tich said he was on his way to Gweru from Shurugwi town on Monday night when the ghost which looked like a human being, stopped him near Mambowa. He said he was later shocked when he eventually realised that he was alone in his Toyota Hilux twin cab truck as he approached Gweru.

"I was travelling alone from Shurugwi to Gweru at around 11pm on Monday when I suddenly saw a medium built man who appeared to be stranded and desperately waving my vehicle to stop. I applied emergency brakes and stopped at a distance and heard some foot steps with the 'man' running towards my vehicle," narrated Mr Tich. The miner said the man-like ghost the got into the back seat of his Toyota and banged the door.

"I was alone and did not question and thought it to be some kind of respect when the person who had jumped into my car chose to sit on the back seat when there was no one in front. When I asked the 'man' after getting into the truck where he was going, he only responded by saying 'Gweru' and there was no other communication thereafter. I was listening to music. I got the shock of my life when I later checked on to find that there was no one in the vehicle as I approached Gweru City Centre.

"I lowered my volume and asked where the 'passenger' intended to be dropped but got no response. I then looked back, only to realise that the 'man' had since disappeared. I couldn't immediately believe my sight so I stopped to find out about my 'passenger' but there was no one in the vehicle," narrated Mr Tich.

He added that he later narrated his experience to his family and relatives who indicated to him that he had given a ghost a ride in his vehicle. He said his heart jumps whenever he thinks about the incident. "My heart throbs whenever I recall this incident and I don't think I will EVER give a ride to a strange person in my life following this experience," he vowed.

There has been a lot of odd tales about ghosts over the past decade, with Zimbabwe's most popular ghost called Peggy topping the charts. Peggy is said to be a very beautiful 'woman' in her late twenties, who is often seen in one of Harare's oldest suburbs - Highfield. Sources who spoke to My Zimbabwe said Peggy normally goes for rich men who come from night clubs around midnight.

The good thing is that she is not violent, she only mysteriously disappears from your vehicle as you will be going to a love nest. Her kissing is just awesome and her breasts are like those of a virgin," revealed Terrance Chidyausiku who also fell prey to Peggy's antics a couple of years back.

"After narrating my ordeal to my friends whom I was drinking beer with I then got to know that the ghost's name is Peggy. My friends are the ones who told me that Peggy is actually a celebrity in the 'ghost world' and a lot of people in Zimbabwe have heard about her. I understand she was a well known Highfield prostitute prior to her death," Terrance told My Zimbabwe.

Unconfirmed reports that have reached My Zimbabwe news desk say when Peggy died in the early 90s there was drama at her funeral. It is alleged that mourners who attended her burial immitated what Peggy used to do at night clubs. Some women reportedly stripped at the funeral while men blew condoms as a way of saying 'good bye' to their fellow 'adult entertainer'.

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