I Doubt Boko Haram’s Ceasefire –CAN President, Ayo Oritsejafor

I Doubt Boko Haram’s Ceasefire –CAN President, Ayo Oritsejafor

The president of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, has doubted the real identity and sincerity of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram who recently issued a ceasefire offer to the Federal Government, emphasising that there were more questions than answers in the unusual offer.

I Doubt Boko Haram’s Ceasefire –CAN President, Ayo Oritsejafor

Reacting officially to the conditions Boko Haram gave for the ceasefire, the flamboyant pastor maintained that he was yet to understand why the sect wanted to drag the Federal Government to far away Saudi Arabia, and why they opted for former military head of State, Gen Mohammadu Buhari in addition to other tough conditions.

Addressing the media ahead of the weeklong ceremony lined up to commemorate his 40 years on the pulpit, Papa Oritsejafor said: “The biggest question that will beg for answer is whether these people giving the conditions are really Boko Haram members.

I have said that I would want to sit down and watch the situation first.” “I want to look at the unfolding events because what we are hearing is even much more interesting than what we are seeing. When I read it, the first question I asked was if they are the real members of Boko Haram or some people else. We must first ascertain their true identity in the next few days.

“The next question was whether they were sincere or just on a blackmail mission? I’m very puzzled how a criminal terrorist organisation will give conditions to a legitimate sitting government of a country those tough conditions like releasing their members from detentions. “The other questions are why Saudi Arabia, why Buhari and the other names mentioned to mediate on the ceasefire.

I want to reserve my comment but those questions should be the teasers and food for thought to think and contemplate. In fact, what we have heard raises more questions than any answer at all. There are much more unanswered questions. The last teaser is that a day or two after giving the Federal Government the ceasefire conditions, they still killed a retired General.

The questions are increasing, so I would reserve my comments.” Speaking further, he said: “I want to watch more events unfold and to understand more before I make my comment, but for those following my comments in the past, I have always believed that I will be vindicated. The thing about truth is that you cannot bury it.

“Jesus is referred to as the truth, but they killed him, buried him, however he rose again on the third day. It means that there is not much you can do against the truth and the bible advised that we would work for the truth and work with the truth. I want to give the report some time before I make my comment,” he noted.

Source: Naij.com

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