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Tears As Another Dana Victim Is Laid To Rest

Tears As Another Dana Victim Is Laid To Rest

Tears As Another Dana Victim Is Laid To Rest
Tears As Another Dana Victim Is Laid To Rest

His widow and three children, all dressed in immaculate white, were sandwiched between family members and friends from the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Faith Chapel, Abuja.

Earlier, at a funeral service described as a ‘Celebration of Life’, Pastor Campbell Orookaton, the National Secretary, RCCG, FCT I, had delivered homily.

In the sermon entitled, "Oh, that you may be wise". Orookanton, who took his Bible reading from John 5, verses 24-25 and Deuteronomy 32, verses 27-29, urged those Jonathan left behind not to despair.

According to him, the death of Jonathan, who he said lived an exemplary life, should serve as a call to the living to put their houses in order.

He said the death of Jonathan “is an exchange of this life for another one.”

“The people here will be in sorrow, while the person that the Lord has taken to himself will be rejoicing and singing, ‘Hallelujah, hallelujah,’” Orookaton said.

“They will be thinking about us, saying, ‘Are we coming to meet them there?’ Our brother (Abiodun Olasunkanmi) Jonathan is with the Lord looking down on us and asking how we’re going to make it.

“Can the death that we’re celebrating today touch you, that you can straighten your path?

“That very Sunday, on the third of June, when he joined that Dana Air flight, he never knew that would be the end.

“He may have had many plans, he may have plans here and there but God said, ‘my son, it is time for you to come’.

“It is now left to you to decide which journey you would start when you are called. Is it to our Lord Jesus Christ or the other side?”

The officiating priest noted that the deceased may not have had any premonition that he would be called home so soon, but he gave his all to the service of God for the benefit of fellow human beings.

Orookanton said that he personally flew in the ill-fated airplane earlier in the day and observed that it was faulty.

“It was the same Dana that had an accident that I joined that fateful day when I was coming from Lagos; that 3rd of June,” he said.

“They delayed us for almost two hours before taking off from Lagos.The take-off was bad, the landing was bad.

“And I went to meet one of the hostesses and I was complaining, ‘What is happening? Do you want to kill us?’ This was when she told me they had problems with their tyres.

“I asked, ‘When you have problems with the tyres, why don’t you settle that area?’ ‘Not knowing that I was talking to a dead man, not knowing that that man would not last a day.

“And I said, ‘God I thank you for letting me come back maybe you are teaching me a lesson, I’m going to re-arrange my life.

“I was discussing with my driver: I said I need to put some things in order that 3rd June, not knowing that there was going to be an accident.

“My dear brothers and sisters, my question to you is, ‘When it’s my turn, what will you say? Let me ask a question, ‘Who is going to God next, is it you or me?”

He said this was the time for the living to repent because there was no repentance after death.

Those who gave testimonies about how Jonathan personally touched their lives, noted that he was a detribalised Nigerian, who loved to save lives, especially those of children.

A group of his friends and colleagues, under the aegis of ‘Friends of Jonathan’, promised to complete the house he started for his immediate family in Apo (Abuja).

Until his death, Jonathan, a paediatrician, served as an assistant pastor with an RCCG parish in Abuja. He assumed the position in 2005.

He was born on April 8, 1971, and hailed from Sabongida-Ora in Edo State.

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