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Lagos Needs N40bn For Flood Control – Fashola

Lagos Needs N40bn For Flood Control – Fashola

Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola on Wednesday said his administration did not agree with the Federal Government’s assessment that placed the state in Category B Risk State on flooding.

Fashola, who spoke at the chambers of the state House of Assembly, said although he appreciated the N400m given to the state as a result of the assessment by the Federal Government, the state would actually need N40bn to combat flooding effectively.

He said, “We acknowledge the receipt of N400m given to us by the Federal Government which categorised us a Category B Risk State, although we view our risk and problems differently.

“We recognise the continuing risk that we face being so close to the Atlantic Ocean and from the inner boundaries through which six rivers (Ogun river, Yewa River, Imeda River, Owo River, Oyan River and Osun River) from Ogun and Oyo states, have tributaries that discharge ultimately into our state.

“The protection of Lagos will not be achieved without a plan or be financed by N400m. Currently, we have designed a coastal protection plan with our consultants from Holland, which will stretch for about seven kilometers to protect Kuramo, Victoria Island Extension, Oniru Estate, Goshen Beach Estate and Alpha Beach.

“It will cost about N40bn to implement it over at least two budgetary cycles. Without help, we are constrained to finance and implement the plan in phases to arrest the immediate threats and then deliver the protection.”

The governor said he had proposed a re-ordering of the state’s 2012 budget as approved by the Executive Council to defer other projects to 2013 while the focus would be on the protection plan and combating the state’s security challenges.

He urged Lagosians to brace for the impact of rising water levels at the state Atlantic waterfront.

“And I urge our people to be vigilant and keep away from the waterfront until we get safer information,” he said

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