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Boyfriend Arrested for Forced Rape

Boyfriend Arrested for Forced Rape

A 15-year-old girl, Rabi Ziki, got pregnant after being raped by two boys. Ironically, the rape was allegedly masterminded by her boyfriend, Maina Abu (not real name) who commissioned the boys to perform the criminal act in his presence. Abu had accused Rabi of stealing his perfume and cloth. However, few months after the unfortunate incident, Rabi became pregnant and she made up her mind to get rid of the pregnancy. But this resulted in a tragedy, as she lost her life. The incident happened in December 2011.

The deceased and Abu had been dating for quite sometime. On the fateful day, Abu allegedly invited Rabi to his house and locked her inside his room. He also tricked the two boys involved in the saga to his house and ordered them to rape Rabi in his presence.  They had refused to rape her since they knew she was his girlfriend. But Abu threatened them with a broken bottle and vowed to kill them if they refused. He was said to be heavily drunk. He pounced on Rabi and gave her a serious beating. The boys eventually raped her.

Few months after she was raped Rabi became pregnant. As a result of the pregnancy she became worried. How she would explain to her parents that two boys impregnated her. Rather than open up, she was said to have made up her mind and quietly went to a private hospital to get rid of the four-month pregnancy.  Shortly after she aborted the pregnancy, Rabi became critically ill, complaining of headache, body and stomach pains. When the illness grew worse and doctors could not help, Rabi reportedly confessed to her uncle and guardian. 

She was later rushed to the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Oyo State, and admitted at the emergency unit. But efforts of doctors at the hospital to save her life proved abortive as she eventually gave up the ghost on Monday, May 28, 2012.  She was admitted on Friday, May 25. Daily Sun gathered that before Rabi breathed her last, she told her guardian everything that happened. She was said to have denied the rumour that she was going out with Abu, though she said Abu made moves to go out with her but she never agreed. 

According to him, Abu brought out a bottle and drank all the content in it and thereafter started beating Rabi. He then broke a bottle and ordered Rabi to remove her cloth. Rabi, according to him was not wearing anything except her Jalaamia and a scarf: “We were forced to have sex with her.“With my friend, we went to the girl to ask if she actually stole the perfume, but she said she didn’t. We begged her and she said she had forgiven us. It was later confirmed that one of Abu’s girlfriends who had the key to his room stole the cloth and perfume.”

Rabi’s uncle reported the incident at the Mokola police station. While the two boys were arrested, Abu was nowhere to be found. The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Olabisi Ilobanafor, said investigation has commenced and that the two boys would soon be charged to court.

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