Kaduna terror attacks 4 years ago 0

Kaduna State Government, Sunday, imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew after the bombings of three churches in Zaria and Kaduna led to reprisal attacks by rampaging youths protesting the bombings.

The  reprisal attacks that followed bombing of two churches in Kaduna state,  lead to the imposition of  a dusk-to-dawn curfew to contain irate Christian youths in various parts of Kaduna city who went on a rampage.

According to police sources, they action was to contain the potentially explosive situation.

Rioting broke out immediately Shalom Royal International Church situated in Tirkaniya area in Kaduna was bombed killing several worshippers.

Hundreds of angry youths started rioting in Gonin Gora near Kaduna-Abuja Express Way. Rioting also broke out in Sabon Tasha, Television, Narayi, and Ungwan Romi. Youths manned the routes burning cars and attacking perceived Hausa-Fulani Muslims.

Many were rescued by armed soldiers and police on patrol, while several others took refuge at Kaduna Mobile Police Barracks.

A military helicopter was seen hovering over Kaduna city to ensure security.

Meanwhile those injured from the Shalom church bombing have been rushed to St. Gerald Hospital Catholic mission hospital in Kaduna Home Page

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