Goldie, others for Big Brother

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Photo: Goldie, others for Big Brother
Oluwabimpe ‘Goldie’ Harvey popularly known as “Goldie” has been selected to represent Nigeria at the much anticipated season of Big Brother Africa. Goldie, an indigene of Ekiti state, has sure been asserting her musical dexterity on the continent. With her quick rise into a creative singer, there is no question that her music catches the eye of every Nigerian. With an attitude that depicts a clear picture of a bold, proud and sexually liberated woman, she would definitely be one to watch.
From a family of four kids with caring parents, Goldie steadily broke her way into the music industry. Hard to believe she also was in the Church choir and had a straight regimen that included just school, church and back to the home, Goldie has always had the star quality.
Her sense of style also depicts her niche for perfection. With bagged awards such as the Best Female Video at the 2010 Sound City Music Video Awards and the award for Best Use of Costume at the Nigerian Music Video Awards and Jawo Jawo at the very early stages of her career, Goldie’s success truly knows no bounds.
 Photo: Goldie, others for Big Brother
Attending the University of Sunderland to study Business Management and then returning back to Nigeria in 2006 was an opportunity for the singer to break into the industry. Labels quickly took to the singer and had the release of one of her finest singles, “Komole” which had many more following it like “spin me”, “nothing has changed” and “shift”.
Africa’s biggest reality show, Big Brother Africa, is set to launch next week Sunday the 6th of May. With at least 50 cameras and over 100 microphones capturing and transmitting live 24 hour 7days a week footage from the Big Brother house, this season of the show according organizers would full of a whole lot more “entertainment, romance, action, suspense and drama” than the past 6 seasons. The producers of the show have promised the level of entertainment would keep the entire continent glued to their screens. Home Page

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