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Orji Blames Colonialists For Africa’s Crises

Orji Blames Colonialists For Africa’s Crises

Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State has blamed colonial powers for the various crises being faced by African countries.

Speaking in Accra at the weekend, Orji said “The nature of the State legacies of war and militarization, poor resource management are issues which African States emerged as creation of European colonial powers, which shaped the nature of the new States from the period of independence.

“The new States were enmeshed in conflicts, especially as diverse races were fused into incompatible unions of most States. These new and weak States were further characterized by weak institutions, poor governance and selfish leadership in the post independence era. This is why the initial spread of ethnic base and border conflicts dominated the African region in the first two decades of independence.”

The Governor who was awarded ‘The Best Governor in Security Matters in Nigeria’ for ending the spate of insecurity in his state also blamed the backwardness of the continent on protracted arms struggles.

Speaking on the topic: ‘Sustainable Security Structure in Africa; Abia Experience, Governor Orji traced the history of insecurity and armed struggle to the negative legacies of colonial rule.

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