2013 Nations’ Cup on hold

Katherine Baffour 4 years ago 0



Still no list is out with the cities to be hosts in South Africa’s 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. The South African government for the third time has failed to announce the list of host cities for the Nation’s Cup.

It claims it has done so due to the inability to conclude on the 5 venues for the tournament. Still no date has been given confirmation for the proposed announcement which wasn’t made today. Following the initially date for the initial announcement, 4th April and then a move to a later date, 20th April, worry surrounds possible reasons as to why this is the case.

It has been reported that about 8 different cities made presentations on the 21st March but due to certain financial drawbacks, led bidders like Cape Town and Johannesburg to withdraw their stakes until all pressing issues were rectified.

Although the South African government has made promises to help the host cities make up for the costs and addition committees have been set to ensure the government keeps to its word, it is believed that this may be the reason for the delay in making the announcement. As no new date has been given, many football fanatics patiently await the announcement of the continents most talked about Cup. Home Page

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