The Many Rumours About Nuella Njubigbo

The Many Rumours About Nuella Njubigbo

Although her journey into the Nigerian movie industry has been one of a mixed bag of blessings and woes, yet the star actress, Nuella Njubigbo has remained one of the busiest actresses in Nollywood at the moment.

The Many Rumours About Nuella Njubigbo

"The Desperate Prince", "Money Never Sleeps" and "Royal Crisis" lead actress has had to endure countless lies and rumours that almost ruined her blossoming career.

Not long ago, she was accused of dating former governor of Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim, when in actual fact she has never met the ex-governor before now.

As if that was not enough, few months ago, the Internet was awash with stories of her being pregnant for a popular movie director, Tchidi Chikere. But several months after, there is no baby born or sign of pregnancy, making mockery of those who have made it their specialty to fabricate lies about the actress.

Also, only recently it was rumoured that she was having a sizzling affair with a certain footballer in Russia.

However, reacting on behalf of the fair-complexioned actress, for the first time ever, her publicist, Prestige Platform, said it is not ready to join issues with the distractors of its client.

According to the PR company, "If you notice, the fastest growing actress in Nollywood at the moment is Nuella Njubigbo. So we are not surprised that some people have made it their hobbies to manufacture lies about our client."

"They can keep doing what they are doing, but our client will not be distracted. She recently finished a movie project in Festac where she played the lead. She has been busy acting from east to west, even outside the country. She will continue to do her job and to be a role model that she is and, not disappoint her fans and family and with support and prayers from her fans she will end the year on a high note"

This we found out to be another product of idle minds. On the constant lie and manipulations against our client, we will not join issues with distractors." Njubigbo's publicist declared.

A graduate of Imo State University, Njubigbo who started her journey into the movie industry as a script writer has been a constant victim of bad press since her debut in Nollywood few years ago.

The Many Rumours About Nuella Njubigbo

What is the point of making up lies? Words have the tendency to ruin lives... Is it envy talking?

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