Our Reader: “I Still Wake Up At Night In Tears, Can’t Trust People”

Katherine Baffour 4 years ago 0

Here’s a disturbing story we received from our Reader who wished to stay anonymous. Seems like the young woman still blames herself for what happened to her female friend… The author’s style of writing, spelling and punctuation retained.


“I am desperate, I do not know what to do…

Five years ago, my best friend split up with her boyfriend. She was heartbroken. Then, in couple weeks’ time, her former boyfriend phoned her. It turned out, he persuaded her to join him on a trip to Lagos where he (the boyfriend) allegedly conducted his business.

I say allegedly, because we didn’t get on very well, as I instinctively disliked him. He treated my friend badly, didn’t seem to respect her.

So, she calls me and almost screams in joy that he has invited her for a trip in Lagos (we’re Abuja residents). I tried to talk her out of it, telling her she’ll get over him eventually… I failed to convince her, we had a small argument, so I just wished her a save trip and hung up.

Two days passed since she had gone on the “trip” when I received a terrible message from her. She phoned me, she was crying so hard and was so scared I could barely make out the words.

She didn’t even know where she currently was, as boyfriend had apparenty drugged her drink, and she passed out in the car on the way to “Lagos”. According to her, she woke up to find herself chained to some kind of pipe inside of a dark and damp room, with no one around her. She noticed her mobile phone nearby and was able to reach out for it.

And then, the worst happened – the phone battery went dead!!!

Of course, I instantly informed her parents and contacted the police, but the parents also didn’t know much about the boyfriend, and the police were unable to trace the phonecall to my friend’s location. That was the very last time we heard from her, nor had her captors contacted us for ransom or whatever.

If only I could talk her out of that “business trip”! What she was abducted for? Is she still alive?

These questions still torment me, as I wake up almost every night shaking from fear and tears, I cannot enter a relationship because now I don’t trust anyone… I had to share this story with someone…” Home Page

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