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I Got My Ex Girlfriend Pregnant, Now She's Married And Won't Admit The Child Is Mine

I Got My Ex Girlfriend Pregnant, Now She's Married And Won't Admit The Child Is Mine

Dear Naij,

I am a 40-year-old man and I already have four children. I started having another relationship with another lady who later got pregnant for me. She told me she was going to abort it and that she was now in a serious relationship.

A few months later, she got married to the man. After some months, she went on to deliver a baby girl for him. When I went to visited her and her baby at the hospital, my friends who went with me said that the baby was definitely mine. I confronted her later on about the baby. She denied that the baby was mine although she hesitated at first. The baby looks exactly like my own last born.

Please what do I do, I need your advice.



Dear Jones,

Thanks for contacting us. I advise that if you feel really strongly that the child is yours, then your best bet is to demand a paternity test. Before then though, sit the lady down and get her to tell you the truth. If she refuses a paternity test, then you know she has something to hide.

You will not be able to live with yourself if you do not know for sure. And it is better to deal with the situation right now before it gets too late.

Good Luck.



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