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We’ll Disgrace You, Mimiko Tells Tinubu

We’ll Disgrace You, Mimiko Tells Tinubu

IN a sharp response Governor Mimiko described the ACN national leader, Asiwaju Tinubu of being unworthy of the title of national leader of a national party accusing him of behaving like a common street boy in his manners and utterances.

Speaking through his campaign spokesman, Kolawole Olabisi, deplored the use of what he called raw and dirty language that he claimed would even be detested by area boys.

Noting that the ACN leader lacked the moral credibility to address Mimiko, he said:

“Pray, isn’t it absurd that Tinubu could be asking the people to vote for his party when all over the South West where he controls, governance is at it lowest ebb. It has been strikes galore as workers and government are at loggerhead over unpaid salaries and emoluments.”

“Students of higher institutions are groaning while they pay through their noses. Yet, they say they want to capture Ondo State which is better governed than any of these states and has become a benchmark in the art of good governance in Nigeria.

“When so-called leaders dance naked on national television and unleash verbal abuses on a sitting Governor of a state who has chosen nothing but high sense of respect for him as well as assault the sensibility of the people of Ondo State, then such leaders should be prepared to be disgraced.”

“How can a leader also ask the people of Ondo State to re-enact the terrible episode of the 1983 election violence if his party should lose the election? We urge the security operatives to be abreast of all the vituperation and pure incitement of the people by Tinubu and other leaders of the ACN at today’s so-called redemption rally of theirs and take note of unfolding events as the election approaches,” the Mimiko campaign advised.

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