Man Killed Wife And Buried Her At Home

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 0

Photo: Man Killed Wife And Buried Her At Home

A psychopath murdered his wife without any reasons and then buried her in his own apartment in Egypt.

The 38-year old victim’s mother informed the police, that her son-in-law often tortured her daughter for not obeying him. According to her, the husband would be more demanding and abuse her when he was in an intoxicated state.

When their three children were not at home, he took the advantage of the situation and killed his wife. He then tied her hands and legs and buried her in a trench which he had dug up in his apartment. Upon the arrival of sons, he consoled them telling that she would return soon.

However, the neighbours doubted the man as they had not seen the wife in the vicinity for a long time. Their suspicion grew stronger when the man refused to let the maintenance workers enter the house. They informed the police and after that the police entered the apartment and found the body buried there. Home Page

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