PDP Leader Advocates 6-Year-Tenure For GEJ

Katherine Baffour 4 years ago 3

Port-Harcourt – Mr Angus Uzoamaka, a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed support for a six-year single term for the president.


Uzoamaka made his views known in an interview in Port Harcourt on Monday.

The politician said it would be good for national development and political stability if presidents were given a single term of six years.

He said it would reduce cost of politicking and would give the president a relaxed mind to concentrate in delivering good governance to the people.

Uzoamaka urged the constitution amendment committee of the National Assembly to consider the proposal for a six-year single term for the president.

He said that a single term of six years would offer the president the opportunity to face only administrative duties instead of political distractions.

“Distractions associated with elections will not be there any more if a president knows he has just six years.

“He will pay attention only to how to make good name for himself through good governance,” he said.

Uzoamaka said that the country had lost billions of naira to politicking in the past which were expended on funding of political structures alone.

According to him, some presidents begin spending money for a second term from the first day of their inauguration.

He said that this would be prevented with the inclusion of a six-year single term for the president in the constitution.

“The money used to sustain and maintain structures would have been channeled into meaningful projects to the benefit of Nigerians.”

Uzoamaka also said that a six-year single term would help to reduce electoral violence and rigging.

The PDP chieftain identified a six-year single term as the solution to future political strife in the country.

“What brings about crisis is the fear of failure in an election for a second term. It will be avoided with a single term,” he said. Home Page

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