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PRONACO Calls For Urgent Action On Bakassi

PRONACO Calls For Urgent Action On Bakassi

Pro National Conference Organisation (PRONACO), on Sunday, in Lagos said it would deploy a team of its lawyers and experts to give support to the Bakassi people displaced by Cameroon in the light of the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2002.

Speaking through its spokesperson, Olawale Okunniyi, PRONACO said given the current plight in which the people of Bakassi found themselves after the decision of the Federal Government not to appeal the ICJ ruling, PRONACO had come under pressure to undertake a strategic intervention on the side of the masses of Bakassi.

It, however, stressed the need for both the Nigerian and Cameroonian governments to immediately attend to the socio-economic, humanitarian and security needs of the displaced people. The group warned that it would mobilise its forces in the Niger Delta region against any further demarcation process of the territory if the questions around the rights and settlement of the Bakassi people were not first resolved.

“The caucus of PRONACO, at the weekend, received a report, which identified the urgent resettlement of the displaced people of the oil-rich island as uppermost in the hearts of some of the leaders of Bakassi. We find it disheartening that the Bakassi people are today rendered homeless given the gestapo manner in which Cameroon gendarmes flushed them out of their natural habitat following the Green Tree agreement.

“In the light of the inhuman deprivations meted out to the people of Bakassi contrary to the Greetree protocol against the backdrop of the initial abuse of their rights to self-determination as endorsed by the African Union and United Nations Charter for the rights of indigenous groups, PRONACO has found it imperative to mobilise all its affiliates and allies locally and in the international community to support the displaced people of Bakassi,” PRONACO said.

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