Commotion In Court, As Policeman Loses Custody Of Children 4 years ago 0


The family of Mr. Simpa Okomayi, a policeman, caused commotion in court as they kicked against the ruling on the custody of their children in favour of the defendant, Mrs. Margaret Okomayi.

The premises of Agege customary court, Lagos suddenly became a battle field as both parents of the children rained curses on themselves.

The estranged husband had earlier told the court in his evidence-in-chief that he did not enjoy every minute of their relationship because his wife lacked care, was a fornicator and also patronised beer parlours.

He urged the court to dissolve the marriage, and grant him custody of the children particularly the four-year-old daughter (Rebecca) because he wouldn’t want her to tread her mother’s path.

While delivering judgment, court president Emmanuel Shokunle said that in view of the evidence before the court, it was obvious that the marriage had broken down irretrivably due to the negative interference of both parents of the couple.

Shokunle therefore dissolved the marriage  and ordered that custody of the children should remain with the defendant (Margaret ) while the plaintiff (Simpa) was granted access to the children in the court premises every last Friday of the month.

The children are to share school holiday equally with the parents. The father was ordered to pay #10,000 monthly through the court for the upkeep of the children, and should also be responsible for school and medical expenses. Home Page

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