Niger Assembly Backs Creation Of Edu State 4 years ago 12

The Speaker of Niger State House of Assembly Barrister Adamu Usman has said that the House would continue to support the agitation for the creation of Edu State from the present Niger State.

Barrister Usman, who received the chairman of the movement for the creation of Edu State,  Prof. Jerry Gana, in the Assembly Chamber yesterday in Minna, said the legislators in the state had associated themselves with the movement since 2009.

He said that when the movement submitted its first request to the National Assembly in 2009, the then Speaker and some members were part of the delegation that visited the National Assembly.

“The Niger State assembly is prepared and ready at all times to support the agitation for the creation of Edu State,” he said.

Usman noted that the reason for the agitation for the creation of the state were  matters of fact and the assembly would give two –third support vote as required by law for the creation of Edu State.

Earlier, Prof. Gana had stated that the Edu State, which would comprise the Nupe speaking areas of Niger and Kwara states, had great economic  potential of standing as a state.

He explained that Niger State had a generous land mass that could equal three states and had remained a state which had not been split since 1976. Home Page

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