Girl, 15 Kills Herself One Month After Posting Desperate YouTube Plea Begging Bullies To Stop Tormenting Her 4 years ago 6

A 15-year-old Canadian girl was found dead Wednesday night, just weeks after posting a video about her battle with cyber bullies.


The details surrounding Amanda Todd’s death have not been released, but it is suspected to be suicide.

On September 7, Amanda posted a nearly nine-minute YouTube video where she tells the story of her repeated harassment by bullies on a series of notecards.

In the video, she admitted that she had previously tried to kill herself twice.

The Vancouver Sun reports that Amanda was a student in Grade 10 at the Coquitlam Basic Alternative Education school.

The principal of the school confirmed her death and said that she had become connected with many since she transferred to the school in the middle of last year.

‘It is a very sad case,’ Paul McNaughton told the paper.

‘I can tell you we feel we tried everything we could to help her when she came to us.’

In the video, Amanda uses a large stack of notecards to tell how the bullying started when she flashed her breasts friends she had met online after purchasing a webcam.

A photo of her breasts circulated on the web, and caused anonymous people to berate her online.

After moving to a different city and school, another instance of bullying occurred after she started a romantic relationship with an older man who had a girlfriend.

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