24-Year-Old Woman Stabs Neighbour To Death For Laughing At Her 4 years ago 3

A mother-of-two was jailed for life today for killing a woman with a kitchen knife hidden inside her bra.

Alwen Jones, 24, concealed the weapon before murdering mother-of-one Emma Jones because she ‘laughed at her’ during an argument.

Emma’s father Barry Jones said he had been robbed of his ‘bubbly, loving’ daughter.

Caernarfon Crown Court heard Alwen Jones was ‘angered’ when Emma, 31, laughed at her during a row.

She claimed Emma deserved her fate because of an attack on a family member weeks earlier.

On the night of the attack, Alwen Jones’s sister Grace, 21, rang her after the latter was asked by Emma to leave a house party at flats close to where Emma lived.

Alwen Jones armed herself with a kitchen knife which she tucked into her bra before ‘powerwalking’ to Emma’s block of flats in Penygroes, North Wales.

A witness heard Jones shout up to Emma ‘come outside if you think you are hard enough, Emma’.

When Emma opened the door, Alwen Jones lunged at her ‘without warning’ and plunged the knife into her chest.

Emma died of a single stab wound to the heart.

She was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead at 2.02am on December 10 last year.

Alwen Jones admitted she had a ‘bad temper’ and was angered when Emma laughed in her face.

She claimed she took the knife to protect herself ‘because I know what type of girl Emma is’.

When quizzed by police, Alwen Jones said ‘my blood was boiling’ and she was ‘mad’.

She said: ‘I flipped and went for her with the knife.’

After the attack, Alwen Jones threw the weapon into a nearby front garden and hid from police in her father’s shed


She told an officer on the phone she was going to kill herself but went home and was arrested. Jones pleaded not guilty to murder and manslaughter.

She showed no emotion as the guilty verdict was read out in court. 

Judge Griffith Williams sentenced Alwen Jones to life in prison with a recommendation she must serve at least 18 years before being considered for parole.

Emma’s father said he had lost ten months of his life since the attack.

Mr Jones said: ‘It’s very, very hard having to deal with something you can’t accept – such a bubbly, loving character gone out of your life through violence.

‘Emma was a lovely girl. She was fun loving, caring, full of confidence, absolutely adored her son and loved horse riding.

‘The number of people that came to the funeral proves how popular she was. Home Page

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